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Expert Laptop LCD Screen Repairs andReplacement Services in Spokane Valley
Sometimes even the highest quality laptops can break. Often the first thing to break on a laptop is the LCD screen. Before you toss the laptop because you think the screen repair will be expensive, let us evaluate your broken screen before you scrap your entire laptop. Spokane Valley PC would like to help you fix your current laptop (if possible) as cheaply as we can. We have serviced countless Spokane Valley customers who had broken a laptop LCD screen that were told to toss the unit, but purchasing a new one should only be a last resort.

Our staff is very polite and professional with years of experience working on even the most complicated laptop screen repairs. If you are having problems with your laptop computer just give us a call or stop by.

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We are located at 9405 E. Sprague Ave, Suite B Spokane Valley, WA 99206. We have an outstanding reputation in the computer repair industry in and around Spokane and the Spokane Valley areas. Come by and allow us to perform a computer repair diagnostic to find out what is wrong with your system.  We offer the cheapest laptop screen replacement service anywhere. We will gladly service any computer you have. We look forward to your business!

We fix all laptop screens, all brands and sizes, and we stand behind our work. We can fix properly or replace any and all of the following laptop brands (all sizes from: 14 inch laptop screens, 15 inch screens, 17 inch LCD monitor screens, 19 inch screens) & all other sizes repaired properly:

Acer laptop LCD screen repairs
Alcam LCD screen repairs
Alienware laptop LCD screen replacement
Amax screen repairs
AMS laptop screen fix
Arm laptop LCD repairs
Ashton Digital laptop screen repair
Asus laptop LCD screen repair
Averatec laptop screen repairs
Clevo laptop screen repairs
Compal LCD repair service
Compaq laptop LCD screen repairs
CompUSA LCD repair service
CTX laptop screen repairs
Cybermax LCD repair service
Dell laptop screen repairs
Digital LCD repair service
Dual LCD screen repairs
ECS laptop repair service
Emachines laptop LCD screen repairs
EPS laptop scren repair service
Flexbook screen repairs
Fosa screen repair service
Fujitsu laptop LCD screen repairs
Gateway laptop LCD screen repairs
Gigatech laptop screen replacement
Hitachi LCD repair service
Hewlett Packard laptop LCD screen repairs
Hyperdata laptop screen replacement
IBM laptop screen repairs
Jetta LCD screen replacement
Kapok LCD screen repairs
Lenovo LCD screen repair
KDS LCD screen replacement
Maxgroup laptop screen repair service
Metrobook screen repairs
Micron screen replacement
Mitac screen repair service
Mtech screen repairs
Multimedia LCD screen replacement
NEC laptop screen repairs
NetBook laptop screen repairs
Northgate LCD repair service
Northstar laptop screen repairs
Notebook LCD screen replacement
Panasonic laptop screen repairs
Primebook LCD repair service
Prostar LCD screen repairs
Quantex laptop screen repair service
Sager LCD screen replacement
Samsung laptop LCD screen repairs
Sceptre screen repair service
Sony laptop LCD screen repairs
Sotec LCD screen replacement
Spartan screen repairs
Spectec screen replacement
Sunrex LCD repair service
TI LCD screen repairs
Toshiba laptop LCD screen repairs
Twinhead screen repair services
Umax LCD screen replacements
Uniwill laptop screen repairs
Winbook LCD repair services
Xterasys LCD screen repairs
Why You Should Choose Spokane Valley PC
  • We use the highest quality computer parts in the industry: We use brand new original high-quality laptop screens.
  • We are fast and efficient: Spokane Valley PC doesn’t want you to be without your system any longer then you need to be. If we don’t have your screen in stock, we have great relationships with our vendor who give us fast turnaround times.
  • We provide best warranty in town: Most repair shops provide 3-months warranty on their work. We provide 6-month warranty on all laptop repairs. This warranty does not apply to virus and malware removal services. Please ask for detail.
  • Our laptop repair rates are competitive: You will get quality service and a competitive rate.

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